36 Beautiful Baby Girl Names

36 Beautiful Baby Girl Names

36 Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Naming your baby has got to be one of the most exciting things about being pregnant! Whether you’ve already chosen a name and are looking for alternatives, or feel in desperate need of some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

With popular names, classic names, and more unique names for baby girls, it can be hard to know where to start! Though it can feel overwhelming deciding, try to keep the process light and don’t worry about it too much.

Our advice? If you’re stuck on choosing a name, write down a few of your favorite choices and then wait until the moment that you meet your little one to decide.

Once you’ve chosen a name, stick to it! Everyone is going to have a different opinion about the name you’ve chosen, but ultimately it’s your baby and your decision.

Here are 36 beautiful baby girl names that your little one is sure to love.


Popular baby girl names

Here are some of the most popular baby girl names in the US at the moment.

1. Sophia - a variant of ‘Sophie’, meaning ‘wisdom’

2. Isabella - meaning ‘God’s promise’

3. Mia - meaning ‘mine’, ‘dear’, and ‘darling’

4. Ava - meaning ‘life; water; island; bird’

5. Evelyn - meaning ‘wished-for child’

6. Skylar - meaning ‘eternal life; strength; beauty; love’

7. Arya - meaning ‘noble’

8. Olivia - meaning ‘the olive tree; peace’

9. Lily - a flower, meaning ‘innocence and purity’

10. Brooklyn - a place, meaning ‘water; small stream’

11. Leah - meaning ‘sleepy’

12. Lucy - meaning ‘born at dawn or daylight’

Classic baby girl names

If you’re looking for a classic, evergreen name, here are some of the most beautiful classic baby girl names.

13. Charlotte - meaning ‘petite’ in French

14. Elizabeth - meaning ‘abundance; God is my abundance’

15. Hannah - meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’

16. Everly - meaning ‘meadow’

17. Grace - meaning ‘elegance’ or ‘good will’

18. Delilah - meaning ‘delicate’

19. Dora - meaning ‘gift’

20. Alexandra - meaning ‘to ward off and protect’

21. Amy - meaning ‘beloved’

22. Eden - meaning ‘pleasure; delight’

23. Hope - meaning ‘hope and expectation’


Unique baby girl names

Sometimes unique is best! After all, you’re less likely to meet others with the same name as your child, which can make the name even more special.

24. Luna - meaning ‘moon’

25. Maya - meaning ‘great’ or ‘larger’

26. Selene - meaning ‘moon goddess’

27. Quinn - meaning ‘intellect’ or ‘chief’

28. Winnie - meaning ‘fair and pure’, ‘softness’ or ‘happiness’

29. Lorelai - meaning ‘enchantress’

30. Adelina - meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’

31. Nyla - meaning ‘winner’

32. Amayah - meaning ‘night rain’

33. Indie - meaning ‘independent’, can be a shorter version of ‘indigo’

34. Kaia - meaning ‘little but wise’

35. Monroe - meaning ‘mouth of the river’

36. Noor - meaning ‘light’


So there you have it, 36 of the most beautiful baby girl names in 2021! We’re curious...did you find your baby’s name within our list?

If you and your partner are torn between a couple of names - you could always choose a double-barreled name or use one as a middle name!


Do you have any more beautiful baby girl names that you would have added to our list? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels.