35 Unique Baby Boy Names

35 Unique Baby Boy Names

35 Unique Baby Boy Names

With an unlimited supply of boys' names to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to choose for your precious bundle!

If you’re looking for something a little different, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve selected 35 unique baby boy names to ensure that your little one’s name is one of a kind! We’ve got a selection of names from around the globe that you might like to consider based on your family history and origin. We’ve also included a few names that have been created very recently - they’re currently very unique, but know that they’re likely to gain in popularity fairly quickly!

Take the stress out of naming your baby, and practice the process of elimination to find your ‘gem’ within our list of unique baby boy names.

1. Lennon

A name of Irish origin, meaning ‘lover’.

2. Rian

Related to the name ‘Ryan’ in Gaelic, meaning ‘king’.

3. Beckett

A boy's name of English origin, meaning ‘beehive, brook, or bee cottage’.

4. Easton

This name originates from England and means ‘east-facing place’.

5. Greyson

Another name of Old English origin, meaning ‘son of a grey-haired man’ - but don’t let this lovely name be an insult to your baby daddy!

6. Axel

This is a Hebrew name meaning ‘father is peace’.

7. Leonardo

An Italian name deriving from the German name ‘Leonhard’, meaning ‘lion’ or ‘brave as a lion’.

8. Jace

This name was originally a nickname for ‘Jason’, meaning ‘to heal’.

9. Kai

A name of Hawaiian origin, meaning ‘sea’.

10. Silas

Of Latin origin, meaning ‘man of the forest’.

11. Micah

A biblical name, meaning ‘who is like God?’.

12. Gael

Gael is a Welsh name, meaning ‘Gaelic’.

13. Ivan

A Slavic name, meaning ‘God is gracious’

14. Jude

Of Greek origin, meaning ‘praised’.

15. Maddox

This name is derived from a Welsh surname, meaning ‘son of Madoc’.

16. Thiago

A Portuguese name, meaning ‘supplanter’.

17. Felix

Of Latin origin, meaning ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’.

18. Jax

An English name meaning ‘God has been gracious’.

19. Corbin

Of Latin origin, meaning ‘crow’.

20. Reid

A name that comes from England, meaning ‘red-haired’.

21. Bodhi

A name of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightened’.

22. Kairo

A variant of ‘Cairo’, meaning ‘victorious’.

23. Orion

A greek name, meaning ‘son of fire’ and ‘mighty hunter’.

24. Jaylen

A Christian name, meaning ‘God lodges’.

25. Jaxton

A modern, American name.

26. Dax

Of French origin, meaning ‘leader’.

27. Kolton

An American variant of the English name ‘Colton’, meaning ‘coal’ of ‘charcoal’.

28. Adan

A Hebrew name meaning ‘earth’ or ‘fire’.

29. Uriel

A Hebrew name, meaning ‘angel of light’.

30. Kaison

A modern name - some suggest that it means ‘son of fighter’ or ‘rebel’.

31. Asa

Hebrew in origin, meaning ‘doctor’ or ‘healer’.

32. Zain

A Hebrew name meaning ‘God is gracious’.

33. Ares

A name found in Greek mythology, meaning ‘ruin’.

34. Koda

Of Japanese origin, meaning ‘friend’.

35. Eliel

A Hebrew name that, when translated into English, means ‘my God is God’.

We would love to know if you’ve found the perfect name for your baby boy from our list of unique baby boy names. Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Denafi Sy from Pexels.